Public Art Project  | Mok-island ,Youngheung-do


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Kwon Kisoo, The Song of the Moon,  6.1M hight


 On the way from Incheon to Yeongheung Island, there is a small beautiful island called Mok Island near Sunjae Island. The scenery of the island is so beautiful that you can take marvelous pictures from every angle. In such a beautiful place, we can meet Dongguri by Kwon Ki-soo. Kwon's work Song of the Moon stands on the beach hill of Seonjae Island against the beautiful scenery of Mok Island. It is more than 6 meters high with three sculptures. Song of the Moon became a calm and peaceful landscape painting with the scenery of Mok Island. The author said he got inspiration from Kim Hong-do's Masang Cheongaengdo (Listening on Horseback to a Nightingale Singing) when he created Song of the Moon. You can see an artwork that Kim Hong-do's work embodied in a modern sense. If you look at the work, you will feel like you are looking at oriental landscape painting. The artist said he imagined people sentimentalizing over the beautiful landscape-the warm moonlight between the bamboo and plum blossom of the artwork with their family and friends.  Song of the Moon can be relaxation or healing to people struggling with a busy daily life.


the Song of the Moon-Kwon Kisoo__.jpg



Public Art Project -Youngheung Neulpurn Art Center(Neulpurn Center, Youngheung)



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총석(叢石)-시리즈-중 200X100cm acrylic on canvas on board 2018  


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Contemplation-reflected red forest-you and me 162.1X130.3cm_ crylic on canvas on board 2018




Kwon Kisoo